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TV Picks (Feb 2019)

Hey y’all! I just wanted to share some of the shows I’ve been enjoying the most over the past few months. There is SO MUCH good telly around lately and here are just a few of my recommendations:

~ The Good Place (Season 3)

The Good Place.jpg

I really don’t think there is anything on TV right now that surpasses the cleverness, heart and originality of The Good Place on Netflix. For those who aren’t familiar with the show, it follows four very different, flawed people who find themselves in “The Good Place” after they die, only everything really isn’t all it seems. Cue an epic journey across space and time, a huge heap of moral philosophy and the blossoming of beautiful relationships between the most unlikely of characters.

A lot of my friends got fed up with this show around Season 3 (without giving too many spoilers, the Austalian episodes are a bit…. meh). However, things have really picked up the pace with the latest new episodes and I am now very emotionally invested again, so make sure to stick with it because it’s so worth it.

~ Kidding


Jim Carrey is absolutely magnificent in this black comedy-drama about a kid’s TV entertainer having a nervous breakdown. Mr. Pickles has a lot of anger issues despite his softly-spoken, kid-friendly persona and events in his personal life have caused him to feel trapped by his own national-hero status. There is a lot of emotional heart mixed with deadly sharp bite in this show and it’s a great character study of a good person who sometimes does very bad things. An original and engaging watch. Also bonus points for the fact the creator joins Reddit discussions on every episode to leave clues about the symbolism in his shots!

~ Russian Doll

Russian Doll.jpg

I’m at the beginning of this trippy new comedy starring and written by Orange Is The New Black star Natasha Lyonne. The story centres around a woman who finds herself dying again and again, and reviving at the exact same point of her 36th birthday party. It’s got definite nods to Groundhog Day but also goes down different, unique routes. So far I’m very intrigued and Natasha’s absolute star quality shines off the screen. I haven’t been binge-watching it like some other shows, but it has been slowly growing on me and I love how creative it is.

~ Pure


I’ve only just started this Channel 4 black comedy but I can already tell I’m going to love it. The story is based on the real life memoir of a young woman suffering with an obsessive disorder (“Pure” O of OCD) which causes her to imagine every single person she meets (including friends and family) in sexual situations. This is a genuine condition which never gets portrayed in the media so to have an entire show about it is pretty groundbreaking. The writing is as humorous as it is horrific and I’m already rooting for Marnie and wanting her to get through this strange episode of her life.. Looking forward to watching more!

~ Sally4Ever


This truly disgusting yet hilarious black comedy is the brainchild of comedian Julia Davis and follows girl-next-door Sally as she leaves her husband of 10 years for the wild, dramatic and totally psychotic Emma. Cue many awkward and downright disturbing situations that spiral further and further out of control as the new relationship goes on. I have never felt as queasy or shocked about a scene on a mainstream comedy as I have on this show. Watch with caution. And prepare to laugh.

~ You


I already talked in great detail about this show in a previous blog post - but it’s been such a gripping watch that I had to include it in this list! Season 2 is already in production so I can’t wait to see where the story leads.

~ This Is Us (Season 2)

This Is Us.jpg

I really love this show and I’m still catching up with Season 2 so I’m adding it to my list. The story flickers back and forth in time, following the lives of Rebecca, Jack and their three children through their many ups and downs. Because we see all the characters at different points in time, they feel so rich and real, and it’s impossible not to become emotionally invested in what happens to them. This series has been super heart-wrenching, answering the questions that have been building about Jack and exploring lots of different topics that many people will relate to. With so much action and horror on-screen right now, it’s refreshing to have such a beautiful drama out on mainstream TV, I love it!

~Ru Paul’s Drag Race Allstars (Season 4)

Ru Paul Allstars 4.jpg

I am such a huuuuge Ru Paul’s Drag Race fan and the latest Allstars Season has been so great with heaps of drama and some fabulous costumes and challenges. Naomi Smalls has really grown on me this season and I’ve been loving Latrice, Manila, Trinity and Monet. Definitely going to be a nail-biting final! The lip-syncs have been incredible too! It’s getting me totally hyped for the UK version of Drag Race, eeek!

~ Through The Keyhole

Through The Keyhole.jpg

This is such a silly show where Keith Lemon wanders around celebrity houses and a panel of guest judges have to guess whose home it is. The guessing montages are always SO ridiculous with stupid cutaway gags, spoofy filming and tons of goofiness, but they genuinely make me laugh out loud. It’s fun, easy watching and it’s also cool to see lots of posh celeb interiors!

~ Big Mouth

Big Mouth.jpg

This gross yet hilarious little cartoon has just dropped a special Valentine’s Day episode after a brand new Season 2 last year. Big Mouth follows a group of tweenagers as they hit puberty and deal with all manner of stressful, hormone-charged situations for the very first time. I love how this show doesn’t shy away from any topic and gives a pretty accurate portrayal of how embarrassing growing up can be, both from male and female perspective. A real gem of adult animation.

What do you think of my picks? If you have any new recommendations for me then please let me know! :D

Goodbye 2018... Hello 2019! I am READY for you!

You all know me by now. At every end of the year I get all reflective and wistful and gush on about everything I loved over the last 12 months and all the dreams and wishes I have for the next 12.

Well this year… I am going to do exactly the same thing. Haaaa. So here we go!

2018 - A Year Of Transition

Whilst 2017 was a year of big moments and exciting changes (getting married, turning 30, going to Japan), 2018 was more a year of slow transition. I feel like I’ve been building this big cocoon around me ready for my metamorphosis in the new year, as well as adapting to a new phase of my life. It’s funny, I was so grumpy about turning 30 last year, but now it feels like this is the decade I’ve always been waiting for. I’ve never felt better about myself or more confident in my own skin. I love being married and building a life with Mat. I have a wonderful network of friends and family around me, and I know what I want to do in my life and who I want to be spending time with. I definitely feel myself shedding the insecurity and uncertainty of my twenties. I don’t feel the need to apologise so much and I’ve lost the guilt at being more assertive. Of course, it’s still something I’m constantly working on and I’m sure by my forties I’ll have figured it out even more, but for now I’m thoroughly enjoying this decade. It’s the age that seems to fit me the best so far.

I’ve been working really hard this year, making big life changes and sewing seeds that I hope will start to sprout in 2019. I don’t want to look back in regret at this stage of my life so I know I’ve got to get moving and make the most of this time. The hardest thing for me has been learning patience. I’ve always felt like an anxious whippet at the start of a race, legs trembling, stomach clenching, ready to run after that damn rabbit, only the door never seems to open. It’s a difficult emotion to live with and sometimes the frustration overwhelms me, but I’m doing my best to breathe and trust that everything will happen in its own time. I can’t control the big picture, but I can keep making small positive changes that build up one by one. Every year I am growing and expanding, one job, one song, one connection at a time, and I know that the change I am craving will come when it’s ready. In fact, it’s already here, seeping in softly rather than crashing into my life in a big way. I sense it with everything I do and I’m making sure to stay open enough to receive it.

Anyway, enough poetic shit. Here are my highlights of 2018:

~ Finishing my book!

Me & Ellie.jpg

OK, if you happen to trawl back through my old blog posts you’ll find one from October 2017 saying “I’ve finished my book, it’s nearly ready to go!” HA HA HAAAA! I hadn’t finished my book. I’d finished the first draft. And then my friend Ellie jumped on board as co-writer/editor and the hard work really began. I am sure I’ll talk lots and lots next year about this whole process so I won’t go on about it here, but the short version is that Ellie took my story and turned it from something with potential to something (hopefully) publishable.

The whole year has been filled with meet-ups, working sleepovers, Skype calls, messages and voice notes back and forth constantly. There have been times we’ve wanted to kill each other, but there is no one else I would ever have wanted to do this project with. Ellie’s passion and hard work inspire me every day and I’m so proud and excited about what we’ve made together. This is definitely the hardest and the best thing I’ve ever done and I am not sure what the next stage will be or how long it will take, but come 2019 the ball will definitely be well and truly rolling with it. I CAN’T WAIT.

~ Getting my new home studio


Thanks to my parents kindly helping me out, I was finally able to invest in a mini home studio this year. I had a little set-up already, but the laptop was glitchy, the mic was fuzzy and it was in serious need of an upgrade. I was putting off upgrading for so long because I’d lost confidence with my home-recording and was worried about paying it off. However, finally going for it was the best decision I ever made! Being able to record a decent vocal from home has completely freed me and the more I’ve used it, the easier it has become to use. I am now able to work with producers all around the world, pitch for jobs with short deadlines and take paid session work. I’ve saved loads on travelling around and I’ve nearly paid off everything I owe already thanks to the extra work it has brought me. I’m sure I can improve and keep getting better with it, but so far so good. A huge thanks to Megan Linford too for advising me on what equipment to get and really helping me, and to Chris Earle for helping me buy it and setting it up for me.

~Going freelance

At the end of this year, the contract with my publishing company expired and I made the decision to finally go it alone with my music and songwriting. I am very grateful for everything they have done for me, the connections I have made and the cuts I have had in my time with them, but I need a change now and want to explore so many other avenues of my music. I feel over the past year that I have not been working to my true potential and there are so many people out there to meet and collaborate with that it’s time to go out there and do it. I’m ready to get back into the world of sync music, meet new pitchers and pluggers and producers, and really see what I’m capable of with a different direction. It’s a little daunting, but very exciting and I’m hopeful for what opportunities the new year will bring now I’m free to cast my net far and wide.

~ Going to Budapest

This year, Mat and I randomly decided to go to Budapest, based on the fact it was suggested to us by Last Minute as a cheap and interesting break. I didn’t know what to expect but I really fell in love with the place with it’s mix of history, beauty and quirkiness. It was so nice to have a little adventure together somewhere new and we’re planning to do more unusual places in the coming years. Here’s my little holiday vlog if you missed it:

~Harry Potter & The Cursed Child

Harry Potter.jpg

My beautiful wedding present last year from Mat was front row seats to the theatre show I’d been desperate to see since it first opened. We did both shows in a day and it was an absolutely amazing, magical, perfect experience that lived up to all my expectations. Even Mat loved it and he doesn’t even like Harry Potter! It meant so much to me that he got the tickets and that I could share it with him, it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen at the theatre and something I will remember forever.

~ Kanata & Tomo coming to visit

Kanata Tomo.jpg

My dear friend Kanata who I met on a songwriting camp showed me and Mat such a great time in Japan when we went for our Honeymoon, and this year we were able to repay the favour by hosting her and her amazing partner Tomo in UK! We had a great few days together, showing them around Portsmouth, Brighton and watching the Royal Wedding with jam and scones. It was such a special time and I hope we can do it again soon. It’s so nice having friends all around the world and sharing our cultures. I am so thankful for music and everyone it has brought into my life!

(PS. This picture HAHAHA)

Kanata Tomo 2.jpg

~ My 31st birthday party

Fancy Dress.jpg

I was too busy with “wedmin” last year to make any special celebrations for my 30th birthday so I decided to have a “30 +1” party this year instead. All my friends and family dressed up as iconic 90’s/00’s stars and I WAS SO FRICKING IMPRESSED with the effort everyone went to. It really meant a lot to me and was so much fun to celebrate with all my bestest pals, dancing madly to the music of our youth. My friend Ellen from Norway also came along as she was in UK which was so lovely! I was Amy Winehouse for the night and I think it’s a look I need to adopt for real.

~ TAYLOR SWIFT (And other gigs/shows)

Taylor Swift.jpg

Taylor Swift is my ultimate musical hero and this year I got to see her at the top of her game on her Reputation tour in Wembley. It was SO inspiring and emotional, especially as I got to see her with Matty and Paul. At one point she played Long Live solo on the piano and Paul put his arm round me and I just felt ALL the feels hit me. I’ve grown as a songwriter and a person alongside Taylor and I relate so much to her and her lyrics. To see her hold the whole of Wembley in the palm of her hand completely solo was incredible. I loved it so much and I’m so happy we went.

Taylor Swift 2.jpg

I saw LOADS of other amazing artists this year who inspired me - Ben Folds live in Guildford was one of the all-time best gigs I have EVER been to. (I LOVE that man). I also got to see Nerina Pallot, Dodie, Kate Voegele & Tyler Hilton, Vonda Shepard, HAIM and Britney Frickin’ Spears at my first ever Brighton Pride. So many wonderful musicians I adore toured this year and I feel so lucky I got to watch them all. I saw some great theatre shows too including Kinky Boots, The Play That Goes Wrong & Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (GO AND SEE THIS, IMMEDIATELY). It was such a good year for shows and gigs, I enjoyed them all so much.

~ General creativity & cuts

Gugudan Cait Sith.jpg

On top of working on the book, I’ve had lots of other fun creative projects and sessions on the go this year. I’ve been writing my merman story “Whispers Beneath The Waves” on Wattpad as a little side-project, I’ve had lots of great songwriting sessions with new and old friends, I played some wonderful gigs, I recorded and released the audio-book version of “Reasons To Love A Nerd Like Me”, I officially released my Nerd Christmas special, I recorded the duet “Scars” with Paul which he released on his album and went on a K-Pop Camp in Godalming. I’ve also started writing and recording more from home with my new set-up and had my vocals used in an Italian tights commerical!

Cut wise, my co-written track “Silly” was released with Gugudan at the start of the year and charted in Korea. I also found out that my Kana Nishino cut “Best Friends Forever” from last year has been included on her new live tour DVD which charted at #1 in Japan over Xmas woohoo! The album also certified Gold this year which is such an amazing achievement.

I’ve also had news of other cuts and projects which will be coming out over 2019 - so I’m already super excited for next year!

There are so many other things to shout about from 2018 - other highlights include going to YALC with Katie (AND MEETING TOM FLETCHER EEK!), my weekend photoshoot with Sazzie and all our fun times together, Ellie & Alex’s gorgeous wedding, our friend’s Hannah & Ant setting up their own bar in their back garden and putting on amazing hospitable evenings for us, all-night Disney cinema followed by cat cafe with Lou and managing to lose a bit of weight after joining Slimming World!



Now here are my goals and dreams for 2019. I am going to do everything in my power to make them come true.


1. Pitch my book to the right person and finally get it out into the world

I know that releasing books in the traditional publishing world takes A LONG TIME so I might not be able to shout it from the rooftops next year, but whatever happens I am getting that ball rolling and taking the next step forward. I have no idea what will happen or what route this book will go down, but whether it’s through an agent, self-published, or picked up by someone from a different creative area, I am getting it out there into the world by any means possible. IT IS TIME.

2. Sort out my social media/online presence/GET ORGANISED

Oh Lord, it’s all a MESS. But I have new photos and I’m sorting out a proper showreel ready to pitch out to new companies. I want to tweet more, blog more and start building up a proper presence online. I’m cleaning up the mess of my Youtube channels and I’m making VERY ORGANISED spreadsheets of all my songs and which company owns what. I need to sort out my hard drives which are an explosion of crap. I need to keep lists within lists within lists. I NEED TO GET IT TOGETHER AND I WILL.

3. Start a podcast

Over Christmas, Paul and I drunkenly decided we were starting a pop music podcast and it’s literally all we have talked about since and THIS IS HAPPENING AND I’M SO EXCITED.

4. Get back into library music

Now I’m freelance, it’s much easier for me to explore the world of sync music and library catalogues. It’s an area of music I’ve severely missed working in and I want to get back into it. I’m a little daunted about starting from scratch and finding the right companies, but I hope with my musical CV that the doors will open a lot more easily than when I was just a rookie. I really want to make this happen and try and make a proper career from this, which leads me to…

5. Make music/writing my main income

For so many years I feel I have been skirting around a proper career in music, getting closer and closer, but never crossing that threshold. I’ve made a lot of changes this year and now I want to start getting serious about earning real income, not just pocket money. I know many people who have made music either their full-time career or part-time second job, and I know I’m ready and experienced enough now to reach that level myself. It is definitely difficult to make consistent money through songwriting, but my goal for the new year is to build up all the many sides of my creative work until I’m able to cut down hours in my day job. This includes songwriting cuts, session jobs, library music, live gigs, fiction writing and guest speaking. Lots and lots of smaller jobs add up and I’m going to do everything I can to make my dream career happen.

6. Read More

I say this every year, but I’m gonna get on it in 2019. My “TBR” list is getting out of control and I need to tame that monster.

7. Save for a house deposit

We are getting there slowly, but every month our savings creep up a little more and more. I’m gonna try and nudge it even higher next year so we can finally get on the property ladder.

8. Be more selective

I want 2019 to be a year of quality not quantity. My time is so stretched at the moment and I want to make sure I’m taking on the right jobs, focusing on the right projects and spending time with the right people. It’s always hard to say no to things, especially when everything sounds exciting, but I need to stick to my goal of building up income and sometimes I’ll have to turn down the glamorous, fun pitches in order to work on the dependable projects that will earn money. Of course, I’ll always take a chance on the pitches that inspire me, but I want to get a better balance and not lose too much time on jobs that aren’t definite.

9. Focus on my own music more

I really enjoyed the gigs I played this year and when I free up some time I’d love to work on some more of my own music again next year. I want to make more Youtube videos, play more (good quality) gigs and write/record more solo tracks. I have been so swamped with everything this year that I’ve left my own personal projects behind, but in 2019 I’d love to get back to my roots more.

10. Be proud of myself!

I spend too much time pushing forward to the future, wanting and wishing for bigger things and being really, really hard on myself. I’m my own biggest critic and I am always downplaying my achievements, constantly feeling like I could do better. Well, this year I want to stop doing that so much and take time to be proud of the things I’ve achieved. I’ll always want to do more and dream bigger, but I shouldn’t keep trivialising the things I’ve done so far. I’m planning to make a “Dream Book” with all my cuts and dreams that I’ve made come true so far, so that anytime I feel low I can look through it and feel inspired and proud of myself!

Phew, that was a long read so thanks if you read the whole thing. I’ve really enjoyed looking through all my old photos and lists from the year and I’m so happy to see so many happy moments and relive all the memories.

2018, you’ve been a good one.

2019… I’m ready for you!

Wishing all of you a super productive, amazing and exciting 2019 too - let’s go smash it.


Becky xx

Top 10 Reasons I Love "Young & Hungry"

Hey hey everyone… As my new hunt for literary representation gets ever closer, I thought now would be the perfect time to get back into something I have loved doing on and off since the days of Myspace… BLOGGING! I’ve had many blogs over the years and I’ve always loved not only keeping updates of my life, but writing about all the things I’m currently loving in the media and beyond.

So without further ado, I present to you the first in a series of new List Games…. Top 10 Reasons I Love “INSERT THING HERE”. And I’m going to start with my current TV obsession….


So for those of you who don’t know, “Young & Hungry” is a little American sitcom that tends to play in the afternoons on E4 in the worst time slot possible meaning no one knows it exists. I think it is now on the fifth and final season, so maybe I’ve made this list way too late… But I feel like more people need to know it exists and go back to binge on it from the start!

The premise is a simple, quirky one… Gabi is a young food blogger who is struggling to find work until she manages to snag a job as a personal chef to a wealthy tech entrepreneur named Josh. Thus, Gabi is thrust into his lavish world alongside his crazy aide and housekeeper. Oh and on day 1 she accidentally sleeps with Josh, and so the rollercoaster of complicated emotional entanglement begins…

You know the kind of thing… Blah blah, poor girl gets lucky break, blah blah will they won’t they, blah blah wacky misadventures etc. etc.

It’s not exactly breaking the boundaries with the set-up or anything, but it IS really engaging and fun and thoroughly enjoyable when you need a little pick-me-up show… and here are my reasons why:

1. Emily Osment is adorable


Yes, I’ve known and loved her ever since she played Lilly on Hannah Montana. Yes, I own both of her criminally underrated pop albums. Yes, I am a fangirl. Yes, she was born to be the starring role on her very own show. Yes, she is what the world deserves.

2. The whole aesthetic is life goals


Seriously, everyone on this show looks SO DAMN GOOD. The outfits are all so stylish, quirky and colourful, I get serious clothes-envy in every single episode. Also, Josh’s apartment is the stuff of dreams and even Gabi & Sofia’s shambolic apartment is major lifestyle inspiration.

3. Yolanda & Elliot


Josh’s housekeeper and PA provide much comic relief and tend to escalate already crazy situations to even crazier scales. Their bitchy one-liners and super sass are even more enviable than the aforementioned clothes and apartments. They are the duo we all wish we could be. Also, Yolanda’s constant drinking is never not funny.

4. Diversity/Representation


I love the fact people of all backgrounds are represented on this show. The main cast includes characters who are black, Asian, LGBTQ and Latino, plus there is a wide range of ages. body types and financial backgrounds portrayed. It seems crazy that this should be so revolutionary, but it really is!

5. Gabi & Josh’s Chemistry

Josh Gabby.jpg

From episode one the chemistry between our leading lady and her new boss sizzles off the screen. There are a lot of ups and downs for this couple, but you truly root for them the whole way through. I love their banter and adorkable-ness as a couple, plus the fact they are infuriatingly oblivious to what everyone else can see bubbling between them.

6. Gabi & Sofia’s BFF-ness

From their arguments to their blunt, brutal honesty with one another, Gabi & Sofia are truly relatable as BFFs who irritate the pants off each other. But of course, they are always there for each other when it really counts - just like BFFs real life!

7. I actually laugh out loud while watching


Yeah I know it’s silly, I know the jokes are so obvious half the time, I know the stuff that happens is over-the-top and ridiculous, but it still really makes me laugh. I can’t help it!

8. It’s a genuine, old-fashioned sitcom


Yep, the formula is pretty much the same every week… A lack of communication leads to a series of kerrraaazzzyyy misunderstandings and wacky adventures that all manage to tie up neatly JUST in the nick of time! And you know what? I LOVE IT. There is something very comforting about switching off from the world’s problems and getting lost in the cozy, madcap, laugh-track world of an American sitcom.

9. Gabi is way too relatable


Her life is a mess, her apartment is a mess, she says the wrong thing all the time and she loves food and alcohol. Yep. Definitely a girl after my own heart.

10. The episodes are 22 minutes long

Gabi Josh 2.jpeg

This is literally the perfect TV show length. You can switch on an episode in between any daily chore, plus it’s so easy to pay attention, or maybe just binge on a ton of episodes in a row….

BONUS REASON - Ashley Tisdale produces the show! And Ashley Tisdale is AMAZING!


Enough said!

Am I the only person in the world who watches this show? Do you have any other recommendations for me? Any other lists you wanna see? Let me know! Can’t wait to make some more :)

June Update

Hi everyone! 

Just writing a little update in bloggy-form on what I've been up to the last few months as I know things have gone a little quiet on the old Western front... Sadly, I haven't had much that I can share publicly at the moment, but I have been working on lottttssss of different projects behind the scenes! So here's a bit more info for you guys on what I've been doing...

1. Editing my new novel

So, reading through my old entries I've discovered that it was October (!!) when I finished the first draft of my new book and I foolishly proclaimed that in 6 months time it would all be edited, polished up and ready to go.

Ha ha ha. HA HA HAAAAAAA. *manic twitching*

So here's what happened. I went through and edited the book to the best of my abilities by myself. And pretty much nothing changed except some tweaks and a whole load of highlighted sections with gazillions of question marks typed up next to them. Yup, I was completely stumped and stuck and had hit my creative limits.

Since then, my project partner (ooh mysterious) has come on board to really help me and push this book back into the right direction. And with her help things are finally, finally getting there. She completely gets my characters and the stories I want to tell, but she's also thoroughly brutal when it comes to shaping it into a proper product. Unnecessary description? CUT. Weird joke that doesn't land quite right? GOODBYE. Clumsy prose? GONE. ONLY PERFECT SENTENCES.

It is a long, hard process that we are barely even halfway through yet, but I am learning SO much and definitely becoming a better writer because of it. I'm discovering my bad habits and weaknesses (such as CONSTANTLY DESCRIBING DOORWAYS MAKE ME STOP) and also getting to grips with how to be more succinct and make every word count.

As such, the book is now transforming from an endearing but kind of ugly caterpillar into a fully-fledged beautiful butterfly and I am SO EXCITED ABOUT IT. This is easily the best thing I've ever done. And you know what? Whatever happens next, whether it 's destined for greatness or not, the fact that I've even created it at all is utterly thrilling to me. I have never taken on an endeavour this enormous before and to think that it's changed from the seed of an idea on a walk home from the shops into this huge, expanding, team-built, marvellous THING feels like one of the biggest achievements of my life.

Of course, we ain't there quite yet... There are many more snatched Skype sessions to get on with, many more plans and brainstorms to make and many more words to pick at. We have lots of ideas of where to go next, but we can't put anything into action until the bloody thing is finished. And it takes as long as it takes.

Luckily I have lots more time over my summer break from work, so the plan is to GET SHIT DONE. Watch this space. (Did I mention I am VERY excited about all this?!)

2. Songwriting/Setting Up My Home Studio

As well as living the book-life, I'm of course still making music as much as I can! I have a brand new home studio set up in my computer den and having somewhere to record decent vocals from the comfort of my own flat has opened up sooooo many more possibilities for me. I am finally able to say YES to collaborating with producers who live far away and YES to friends who I've been meaning to write with forever but we just can't get the time to meet in person.

I had a little studio set-up before, but it was getting super old, laggy and crappy with a broken laptop and a mic that just sounded dull and fuzzy. Now my new equipment has made me so much more confident with home-recording and the results are sounding a million times better. THANK YOU to my parents for lending me the money to get started up, and for buying me the iMac as a present :'( I am soooo lucky!!! And they have told me I can make it back to them one day when I get a big hit and buy them a luxury Villa in France with the royalties. (Well, we can all dream right?)

I've been working on all kinds of stuff the last month or so. A lot of K-Pop pitches in various different styles, as well as gaining connections for more advert work. Ads are something I LOVED doing in the past and I'm really excited to get back into that world again. I've also had a funky gospel session singing job and been building up connections with loads of different people for future jobs and collaborations. I love that I now have the freedom to work with lots of super amazing people on such varied briefs and I really hope this summer I can sew the seeds for being able to do more of what I love in the future.

3. Writing "Whispers Beneath The Waves" On Wattpad

WBTW Gozi Cover.png

So all the while I've been focusing on my new book and new music, I've had this little idea bubbling in the background. I know how much my previous gay romance stories have resonated with people so I thought it would be fun to keep that side of my writing alive with a brand new story, this time with a fantasy twist. WBTW is all about a young guy called Lennon and his relationship with a merman. It's very slow-burning, mysterious and smouldering - pretty different to my usual light-hearted contemporary stuff. I've never written anything with a fantasy or supernatural theme before, but it's something I'd like to explore more in the future so this has been a fun starting point.

I'm not sure how the book is being received by readers, but hopefully they are enjoying it! I don't have tons of time to invest in it and have only been updating on Wattpad once every few weeks, but I'm hoping to try and finish it slowly but surely. If you'd like to read what's online so far, check out the link below:


4. Playing A Gig!

At the start of June I played my first headline gig in a long time at The Wave Maiden pub in Southsea. I organised the whole evening by myself, inviting two awesome talented friends Corinna and Marley to play on the night too. It was a chance for me to test out loads of new material and perform with Cam on acoustic guitar for the first time. Along with my friend Chris on electric guitar, we had a really nice, country-tinged sound on stage and I had the best time performing an hour-long set of songs. I even sang two duets with one of my best friends Paul, so it was such a special evening. Loads of people came out to show support and I was so touched at how passionately people got into the evening and how lovely everyone was!

It was also MY LIVE RAP DEBUT. I'm not gonna lie, I feel pretty proud of myself for getting through the entirety of Eminem's "Lose Yourself" without messing up. Here's the video:

I don't perform super often but when I do I always enjoy it so much and I'm truly thankful for everyone who came out. I'm already planning my next night for December 15th when my old pal Chris Ricketts is home from the Cruise Ships and wants to put on a show together. More details soon, but it should be fun! :)

5. Getting Into The Book World

I have a lot of musical friends and contacts but when it comes to bookish pals, I don't know so many people. And since this is a world I really want to learn more about I've been doing my best to get involved (and try and read more, I'm such a slooow reader waa!)

First off I've booked tickets to YALC in July which I'm super excited about - I went a few years ago and absolutely loved it. It's such a great convention to meet authors, hear talks, buy books and get advice from agents working in the industry. If anyone is going then make sure to come say hi!

Secondly, I've started adminning a brand new Facebook group run by the people behind the Maximum Pop! online blog. It's called Basic Book Life and it's a place for discussions on Young Adult books, recommendations and all other kinds of fun interactions. We are talking about ways we can make the group more exciting and perhaps hosting giveaways and such in the future so please come and join if you like teen fiction:

Basic Book Life Facebook Group

Keeping fingers crossed that I can keep building up connections in this world as I love it so much, both as a reader and a writer, and I'd love to get more involved in the community!

6. Seeing Gigs

Ahhhh I have seen such amazing gigs this year - there was Dodie in Brighton (who is a real current fave of mine) then Nerina Pallot played the Wedgewood Rooms and it was amazing to hear her play some of her lesser-known tracks and B-sides. I love when we get to hear a really unique set from someone with such a huge, amazing back catalogue.

I also saw Ben Folds last month in The Anvil theatre in Basingstoke. We were SO close to the stage, watching just him and a piano as though he were sat in our front room. It was utterly spectacular, one of the best gigs I've ever been to! It left me feeling so inspired. He even did an epic drum solo where his stage crew built a drum set around him! Just... WOW!

This week I'm super excited to be seeing HAIM in London for the first time. Then next week I'M SEEING TAYLOR SWIFT AT WEMBLEY AHHH!! AND Charli XCX and Camila Cabello are supporting. I'm so excited I could faint! Then in July it's Kate Voegele and Tyler Hilton. I've been SO spoiled for all my favourite artists this year, it's going to be sooo much fun.

7. Seeing Friends

A few weeks ago my friends Kanata and Tomo came over to Portsmouth from Tokyo for a visit - they showed me and Mat around Shibuya on our Honeymoon so now it was our turn to return the favour! It was sooo lovely to have them to stay and show them Southsea and Brighton. We even watched the Royal Wedding together with scones and jam which was so special!

We've also seen lots of people over summer for gigs and drinks and days out. We have such lovely friends and family and I really love getting to spend time with everyone :)


So this June I turn 31, which I know is a weird age to hold a birthday party, but I didn't do much to celebrate my 30th as I was in full-on wedding planning mode so I decided to go all out and have a big celebration this year instead. 

The theme for my party is 90s/00s and it's fancy dress - I'm so excited and hope we'll all have the best time dancing to cheesy music and having a laugh. I know who I want to go as but I'm having trouble finding the right costume (Arghhh!) - I've also spent ages making little fortune tellers with "Who is your 90s BF/GF" and kissing dares on. It's going to be so funny haha!

Soooooooo... that's pretty much all my news for the time being! :) I've also been working my day job in the art shop and making plans for where to go travelling next. After visiting Budapest with Mat in April (which was beauuutiful) we definitely have the travel bug!

I am loving life so much right now - it's busy and hectic and there is so much work to be done, but everyday I wake up pumped to start the day and to make a little more progress. I'm definitely feeling super inspired and full of happiness, and I just can't wait to see what the second half of the year will bring.

I'll keep you posted when there is more news - and if you've read all this, thank you so much for the interest and support! :D

Wishing you all a super great summer - speak again soon!

Becky xx