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Top 10 Reasons I Love "Young & Hungry"

Hey hey everyone… As my new hunt for literary representation gets ever closer, I thought now would be the perfect time to get back into something I have loved doing on and off since the days of Myspace… BLOGGING! I’ve had many blogs over the years and I’ve always loved not only keeping updates of my life, but writing about all the things I’m currently loving in the media and beyond.

So without further ado, I present to you the first in a series of new List Games…. Top 10 Reasons I Love “INSERT THING HERE”. And I’m going to start with my current TV obsession….


So for those of you who don’t know, “Young & Hungry” is a little American sitcom that tends to play in the afternoons on E4 in the worst time slot possible meaning no one knows it exists. I think it is now on the fifth and final season, so maybe I’ve made this list way too late… But I feel like more people need to know it exists and go back to binge on it from the start!

The premise is a simple, quirky one… Gabi is a young food blogger who is struggling to find work until she manages to snag a job as a personal chef to a wealthy tech entrepreneur named Josh. Thus, Gabi is thrust into his lavish world alongside his crazy aide and housekeeper. Oh and on day 1 she accidentally sleeps with Josh, and so the rollercoaster of complicated emotional entanglement begins…

You know the kind of thing… Blah blah, poor girl gets lucky break, blah blah will they won’t they, blah blah wacky misadventures etc. etc.

It’s not exactly breaking the boundaries with the set-up or anything, but it IS really engaging and fun and thoroughly enjoyable when you need a little pick-me-up show… and here are my reasons why:

1. Emily Osment is adorable


Yes, I’ve known and loved her ever since she played Lilly on Hannah Montana. Yes, I own both of her criminally underrated pop albums. Yes, I am a fangirl. Yes, she was born to be the starring role on her very own show. Yes, she is what the world deserves.

2. The whole aesthetic is life goals


Seriously, everyone on this show looks SO DAMN GOOD. The outfits are all so stylish, quirky and colourful, I get serious clothes-envy in every single episode. Also, Josh’s apartment is the stuff of dreams and even Gabi & Sofia’s shambolic apartment is major lifestyle inspiration.

3. Yolanda & Elliot


Josh’s housekeeper and PA provide much comic relief and tend to escalate already crazy situations to even crazier scales. Their bitchy one-liners and super sass are even more enviable than the aforementioned clothes and apartments. They are the duo we all wish we could be. Also, Yolanda’s constant drinking is never not funny.

4. Diversity/Representation


I love the fact people of all backgrounds are represented on this show. The main cast includes characters who are black, Asian, LGBTQ and Latino, plus there is a wide range of ages. body types and financial backgrounds portrayed. It seems crazy that this should be so revolutionary, but it really is!

5. Gabi & Josh’s Chemistry

Josh Gabby.jpg

From episode one the chemistry between our leading lady and her new boss sizzles off the screen. There are a lot of ups and downs for this couple, but you truly root for them the whole way through. I love their banter and adorkable-ness as a couple, plus the fact they are infuriatingly oblivious to what everyone else can see bubbling between them.

6. Gabi & Sofia’s BFF-ness

From their arguments to their blunt, brutal honesty with one another, Gabi & Sofia are truly relatable as BFFs who irritate the pants off each other. But of course, they are always there for each other when it really counts - just like BFFs real life!

7. I actually laugh out loud while watching


Yeah I know it’s silly, I know the jokes are so obvious half the time, I know the stuff that happens is over-the-top and ridiculous, but it still really makes me laugh. I can’t help it!

8. It’s a genuine, old-fashioned sitcom


Yep, the formula is pretty much the same every week… A lack of communication leads to a series of kerrraaazzzyyy misunderstandings and wacky adventures that all manage to tie up neatly JUST in the nick of time! And you know what? I LOVE IT. There is something very comforting about switching off from the world’s problems and getting lost in the cozy, madcap, laugh-track world of an American sitcom.

9. Gabi is way too relatable


Her life is a mess, her apartment is a mess, she says the wrong thing all the time and she loves food and alcohol. Yep. Definitely a girl after my own heart.

10. The episodes are 22 minutes long

Gabi Josh 2.jpeg

This is literally the perfect TV show length. You can switch on an episode in between any daily chore, plus it’s so easy to pay attention, or maybe just binge on a ton of episodes in a row….

BONUS REASON - Ashley Tisdale produces the show! And Ashley Tisdale is AMAZING!


Enough said!

Am I the only person in the world who watches this show? Do you have any other recommendations for me? Any other lists you wanna see? Let me know! Can’t wait to make some more :)