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TV Picks (Feb 2019)

Hey y’all! I just wanted to share some of the shows I’ve been enjoying the most over the past few months. There is SO MUCH good telly around lately and here are just a few of my recommendations:

~ The Good Place (Season 3)

The Good Place.jpg

I really don’t think there is anything on TV right now that surpasses the cleverness, heart and originality of The Good Place on Netflix. For those who aren’t familiar with the show, it follows four very different, flawed people who find themselves in “The Good Place” after they die, only everything really isn’t all it seems. Cue an epic journey across space and time, a huge heap of moral philosophy and the blossoming of beautiful relationships between the most unlikely of characters.

A lot of my friends got fed up with this show around Season 3 (without giving too many spoilers, the Austalian episodes are a bit…. meh). However, things have really picked up the pace with the latest new episodes and I am now very emotionally invested again, so make sure to stick with it because it’s so worth it.

~ Kidding


Jim Carrey is absolutely magnificent in this black comedy-drama about a kid’s TV entertainer having a nervous breakdown. Mr. Pickles has a lot of anger issues despite his softly-spoken, kid-friendly persona and events in his personal life have caused him to feel trapped by his own national-hero status. There is a lot of emotional heart mixed with deadly sharp bite in this show and it’s a great character study of a good person who sometimes does very bad things. An original and engaging watch. Also bonus points for the fact the creator joins Reddit discussions on every episode to leave clues about the symbolism in his shots!

~ Russian Doll

Russian Doll.jpg

I’m at the beginning of this trippy new comedy starring and written by Orange Is The New Black star Natasha Lyonne. The story centres around a woman who finds herself dying again and again, and reviving at the exact same point of her 36th birthday party. It’s got definite nods to Groundhog Day but also goes down different, unique routes. So far I’m very intrigued and Natasha’s absolute star quality shines off the screen. I haven’t been binge-watching it like some other shows, but it has been slowly growing on me and I love how creative it is.

~ Pure


I’ve only just started this Channel 4 black comedy but I can already tell I’m going to love it. The story is based on the real life memoir of a young woman suffering with an obsessive disorder (“Pure” O of OCD) which causes her to imagine every single person she meets (including friends and family) in sexual situations. This is a genuine condition which never gets portrayed in the media so to have an entire show about it is pretty groundbreaking. The writing is as humorous as it is horrific and I’m already rooting for Marnie and wanting her to get through this strange episode of her life.. Looking forward to watching more!

~ Sally4Ever


This truly disgusting yet hilarious black comedy is the brainchild of comedian Julia Davis and follows girl-next-door Sally as she leaves her husband of 10 years for the wild, dramatic and totally psychotic Emma. Cue many awkward and downright disturbing situations that spiral further and further out of control as the new relationship goes on. I have never felt as queasy or shocked about a scene on a mainstream comedy as I have on this show. Watch with caution. And prepare to laugh.

~ You


I already talked in great detail about this show in a previous blog post - but it’s been such a gripping watch that I had to include it in this list! Season 2 is already in production so I can’t wait to see where the story leads.

~ This Is Us (Season 2)

This Is Us.jpg

I really love this show and I’m still catching up with Season 2 so I’m adding it to my list. The story flickers back and forth in time, following the lives of Rebecca, Jack and their three children through their many ups and downs. Because we see all the characters at different points in time, they feel so rich and real, and it’s impossible not to become emotionally invested in what happens to them. This series has been super heart-wrenching, answering the questions that have been building about Jack and exploring lots of different topics that many people will relate to. With so much action and horror on-screen right now, it’s refreshing to have such a beautiful drama out on mainstream TV, I love it!

~Ru Paul’s Drag Race Allstars (Season 4)

Ru Paul Allstars 4.jpg

I am such a huuuuge Ru Paul’s Drag Race fan and the latest Allstars Season has been so great with heaps of drama and some fabulous costumes and challenges. Naomi Smalls has really grown on me this season and I’ve been loving Latrice, Manila, Trinity and Monet. Definitely going to be a nail-biting final! The lip-syncs have been incredible too! It’s getting me totally hyped for the UK version of Drag Race, eeek!

~ Through The Keyhole

Through The Keyhole.jpg

This is such a silly show where Keith Lemon wanders around celebrity houses and a panel of guest judges have to guess whose home it is. The guessing montages are always SO ridiculous with stupid cutaway gags, spoofy filming and tons of goofiness, but they genuinely make me laugh out loud. It’s fun, easy watching and it’s also cool to see lots of posh celeb interiors!

~ Big Mouth

Big Mouth.jpg

This gross yet hilarious little cartoon has just dropped a special Valentine’s Day episode after a brand new Season 2 last year. Big Mouth follows a group of tweenagers as they hit puberty and deal with all manner of stressful, hormone-charged situations for the very first time. I love how this show doesn’t shy away from any topic and gives a pretty accurate portrayal of how embarrassing growing up can be, both from male and female perspective. A real gem of adult animation.

What do you think of my picks? If you have any new recommendations for me then please let me know! :D